Augsburg – the seat of
Bavarian environmental competence

In 1996 the government of the state of Bavaria set out to fulfill its vision of developing Augsburg and Bavarian Swabia into the Bavarian centre for environmental competence. Now, more than 170 environment-relevant institutions and businesses serve as active partners and strengthen the network of the environmental competence center – KUMAS.

The free state of Bavaria invested in institutions to promote the economy, environment education, science and administration and also promoted environmental pilot projects in the region. Conventional trade fairs such as the RENEXPO, IHE Internationale HolzEnergie, Umwelt Innovativ and Bayerische Abfall- und Deponietage were successfully established.

A wide-range of services as well as improved general conditions led to increased attractiveness of the Augsburg location. New ecological companies were created, already existing businesses were strengthened and new enterprises were added.

The “Augsburger Umweltpfad” is a cooperative effort of the city of Augsburg, Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH and the promotion association KUMAS e.V.